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Since I don't know if I will get any footage back of the masquerade, I did a bit of a mini video on my LK cosplay just to give some snippets of it in action as I was moving about :)…
Screw Core/Premium updates. As contributors we SHOULD NOT have to pay to be free of ads, particularly ones that have harmful attachments and forward me onto malware sites if I leave the browser open unattended. I've been a member on this site for a long time and feel extremely undervalued for joining, and continually supporting/promoting your site (which I've done FOR FREE). It is the reason I do not use this account as much as I used to, and be aware you will continue to drive people away. 
My most recent creative writing works, set in the universe of Insidious (2011) movie.…

Have any of you guys been doing creative writing recently? :)
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Since I keep updating more regularly on different mediums (and sometimes forget to upload to DA D: ), I'll list all of them here. Please can you check them out and tell me what you think?

My Redbubble account,… 
which I am slowly adding more works to.

Facebook page for my artwork & makeup (Troubled Child Inc.)…

Facebook page for my photography…

Flickr (which I occasionally update)…
I was featured on Yahoo's Red blog post a while back.…

My official 'blog' (pretty much a soup of creative efforts, adventures, updates & scare attraction reviews) -

My film/games/books review blog (I am considering publishing any new media related reviews on a student magazine website) -

Does anyone even use Twitter anymore?

My Tumblr - not for the squeamish - 

My Youtube  -…
I have recently started uploading 'make up progession videos' and inventing characters. Eventually, when I get a small mirror, I will be able to do tutorials in full.

And finally, my Pinterest, for anyone who's interested :)…

As far as writing is concerned, I am really *really* behind with my creative writing (pretty much all my creative work has been stalled for quite a number of months), and for that I am very sorry. However, I am finding my academic work to be quite a handful at this time, and I am trying to get on top of it. I haven't abandoned my writings - I know people have requested I write more of the Pitch fanfic, and I will eventually update. Thank you all so much for your support and continued interest with them. 
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So this week I sadly had to return from November Whitby Goth Weekend, which is now my fourth time at Whitby trying to outdo the preceding years' costumes. The atmosphere there is brilliant, honestly wish I could live in a town which embodied such encouragement towards being expressive with one's appearance (and had such consistently great fish and chips around every corner). One day I will visit WGT too... one day...

Unfortunately I have been much busier (and incredibly ill) than expected with Uni integration and whatnot (also, note. I kind of hate it here ¬.¬). So, many apologies updates and productivity have suffered (which makes for sad clown).  Currently trying to reignite creative spewing while fighting off all manner of essays, flu and kidney infections...



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So... I actually bus and trained it to Alton Towers today, and the Sanctuary Maze was still open from Scarefest last year. I was so happy. It was literally the best thing ever, the guy who played the creepy doctor was still there, and the sets were just as amazing as I remembered them. It was all the joy of Scarefest minus the queues and freezing cold weather :D :D :D  

Now to die from exhaustion.
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